The Beautyful Ones are Not Yet Born – 2014


Black outs are a frequent occurrence in modern day Egypt. During a recent blackout, and amidst the burning of candles, the candles became representations of warped and dysfunctional structures. The loss of electricity and the image of people substituting that loss created a metaphor for hierarchical structures. These structures symbolized newly created modes of power mirroring and imitating old social constructs of colonialism, revealing that in the absence of power people generate their own. In this body of work, sculptures of candelabras and chandeliers are created out of found objects and materials from local spaces resembling Baroque design. This style of decor is used to invoke the imagery of European decadence at the height of European conquest. This series seeks to recognize the cyclical nature of power constructs that occur at the expense of the “lesser people” they create.